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Contact Gardy 978-500-0148 or moc.l1518937245iamg@1518937245OGtsa1518937245eapn1518937245 for orders.

The NPA Velocity Plus Kit IS ONLY SOLD to NPA East Associate Coaches or Direct NPA East Players .It includes a set of six weighted balls, an NPA Velocity Towel, a written program and an instructional video that will help you get the maximum benefit from this arm-care specific program. This is a must-have for pitchers who are serious about getting the most out of their performance level and more velocity from their delivery. Developed after years of study and research by Tom House and the NPA staff, it is the easiest way to add durability to your arm and dramatically reduce your injury risk while increasing velocity.  HOLIDAY PRICE FOR NPA EAST CLIENTS ONLY $60   

                                                                   ONLY ADMINISTERED BY NPA EAST ASSOCIATE COACHES.  This program factors in the following and is not sold to the public S.T.A.T. TESTING  Screening for Weak Links,Testing for Point in Time Capacity, Accessing for Efficiency of Movement, Strength, and Flexibility Training for Efficient Movement, Muscle Balance, Velocity, and Neuro-Muscular Speed Thresholds



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The Velocity Bat™

A new patented protocol to increase velocity and swing speed!

The NPA has recently developed an additional way to increase throwing velocity and bat speed safely and effectively. Expanding on research from the Rod Dedeaux Research & Baseball Institute (RDRBI) and in collaboration with the Titleist Performance Institute, we have tested and developed this patented training protocol which increases rotational strength and speed. Upon order you will receive written protocol along with instructional video sent via server. Within weeks you will be throwing harder and swinging faster. For more detailed information visit our partner site

Velocity Bat™ set: $129.00 SALE PRICE $119.00 (+ $10 average shipping in US only)

For multiple VeloBat orders call or email Gardy 978-500-0148 moc.l1518937245iamg@1518937245OGtsa1518937245eapn1518937245

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Functional Fitness Cord with Grips

A set of cords for functional fitness workouts that includes our ErgoGrips and mounting clip. These NPA cords are for high school and above with appropriate resistance. Everyone is familiar with resistance bands. What sets the NPA ErgoGrip Cords apart and makes them more complete are the ergonomically designed grips which add wrist, forearm and elbow resistance as part of the workout.  Other resistance bands are strapped at the wrist and only work the upper arm and shoulder, thus ignoring the importance of activating the wrist, forearm and elbow.  The NPA ErgoGrip Cords allow for a more anatomically correct and complete arm workout. These will help strengthen the secondary muscles and synergists and provide increased joint integrity to the whole arm.

Price: $33.99 + 4.00 (shipping)= $37.99 

For multiple fitness ergogrip cord orders call or email Gardy 978-500-0148 moc.l1518937245iamg@1518937245OGtsa1518937245eapn1518937245

High Speed NPA East Video Analysis with Drills: $75.00

VIDEO ANALYSIS WITH  VOICE OVER BREAKDOWN by Regional Director Gardy O’Flynn. Please contact us first about video requirements and how to share/send your video footage via you tube, dropbox or google drive to us.
Gardy will transfer it to our servers, review it carefully and give detailed analysis with drills for improvement. This is a great way to get the pitching instruction you want if you can’t work with us in person.

Contact Gardy to initiate process 978-500-0148 or moc.l1518937245iamg@1518937245OGtsa1518937245eAPN1518937245

We also offer 3D Motion Analysis for pitchers through the Micheli Center contact Tom Landry moc.l1518937245iamg@1518937245LTtsa1518937245eapn1518937245 or 617-957-2908

Products for NPA East Affiliates

Velocity Capacity Report: $75.00


This involves velocity capacity testing which helps us to identify weak links in your body. After a series of athletic tests you will be given your bodies velocity capacity at that time. The report will identify and include video instruction of exercises that will help improve weak links.

NPA East Hat

Look as official and comfortable as NPA East Regional Director Gardy O’Flynn. Specify your size at Checkout. SM/M or L/XL.

Price: $20.00

NPA East Shirt

Lightweight, durable, moisture-wicking, super comfortable. It’s the official NPA East shirt, perfect for coaches. Sizes S, M, L, XL. Please let us know what size you want at Checkout.

Price: $25.00

NPA East Pullover

The ultimate comfort shirt. On the back, near the bottom edge, “” in small white letters. Sizes S, M, L and XL. Please tell us what size you need at checkout.

Price: $60.00

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