NPA Products for all rotational athletes.

We’ve created products and protocols that are designed for pitchers but can be adapted to all throwers/strikers (QB's, Volleyball, Tennis). While nothing can replace our in-person training, our products will increase velocity, build strength and body durability while helping you avoid injury.
INTRO NPA VELOCITY PROGRAM $129 + $15 shipping

$129.00 + shipping

This is what started it all!  The current overload/underload phenomenon to increase velocity started with this program originally developed at the NPA (National Pitching Association).  As Directors there, we worked on the research and development of this program to create THE SAFEST velocity improvement program in the nation.


It has been known for decades that overload/underload training increases throwing velocity. In fact, Dr. Tom House, the founder of the NPA, did his first weighted ball study with Dr. Coop DeRenne back in 1985 which confirmed the validity of weighted ball training.  There was one major problem: over time athletes were getting “sore arms”, or worse, major injuries with the added velocity.  Therefore, the program was shelved believing that promoting such a program was disingenuous to an athlete until it could be implemented more safely.

Fast forward 20 years and the NPA finally developed a protocol that mitigated these arm injury issues. We knew that GIRD (glenohumural internal rotation deficit) was a major predictor of potential arm injuries and so we went about trying to fix GIRD using a weighted ball program.  After trying numerous iterations, not only did the protocol fix GIRD, it also led to safest arm speed increases we’d ever seen! In 2008 it was submitted to ASMI (American Sports Medicine Institute) for a peer review.

This is what the Velocity Program is about: arm speed achieved as safely as currently possible.  Get started today!


  • 1 set of weighted balls
  • Weighted ball throwing protocol + video instructions
  • Instructions (hard copy and digital download)

BEWARE: There are lots of other very popular weighted ball programs on the market that are creating sore arms and getting guys hurt. They are simply chasing arm speed without fully understanding the cause and effects. Don’t jump on the bandwagon because “everyone else is doing it”.  We are constantly having to repair arms that were on these other programs, many after having Tommy John surgery.  Don’t waste a season (or worse!) by making the same mistake.

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NPA VELOCITY BATS- $129 + 10 shipping

The Velocity Bats were recently co-developed as an additional way to increase throwing velocity safely and effectively. Expanding on research from the Rod Dedeaux Research & Baseball Institute (RDRBI) and in collaboration with the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI), we have tested and developed this patented training protocol that increases rotational strength and speed.

These weighted bats help develop optimal hip and shoulder separation and increase shoulder rotational speed. Both are crucial to helping INCREASE THROWING VELOCITY without adding stress to the arm.  Add the bats to your workout program and within weeks you will be throwing harder.

For position players, these bats also INCREASE BAT SPEED and exit velocity dramatically! For more detailed information visit our partner site

For high school and older players, choose the Standard version.  For youth players, choose the Youth version.  (Note: if you are currently using a -5 bat in preparation for high school, then choose the Standard version)

This is also the best way to INCREASE SWING SPEED.  The Velocity Bat workout will help you increase your swing speed a few miles per hour which will result in significant EXIT VELOCITY INCREASES!  Try it.  You will be amazed at the results!


1 set of Velocity Bats + written protocols + video instructions

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Functional Fitness Cord with Grips $29.99 + $5.00 Shipping (US)

A set of cords for arm durability workouts that includes our Ergo Grips, mounting clip and workout protocol with video demonstration.

BLACK (HS/adult):

These cords are for high school athletes and above with appropriate resistance. Everyone is familiar with resistance bands. What sets the Ergo Grip Cords apart and makes them more complete are the ergonomically designed grips which add wrist, forearm and elbow resistance as part of the workout. Other resistance bands are strapped at the wrist and only work the upper arm and shoulder, thus ignoring the importance of activating the wrist, forearm and elbow. The Ergo Grip Cords allow for a more anatomically correct and complete arm workout. These will help strengthen the secondary muscles and synergists and provide increased joint integrity to the whole arm.


1 set of elastic cords + video instructions link

BLUE ( YOUTH ages 9-13)Functional Fitness Cord with Grips $29.99 + $5.00 Shipping (US)

A set of BLUE cords for arm durability workouts that includes our Ergo Grips, mounting clip and workout protocol with video demonstration.

BLUE (youth):

These are the same Cords as the black adult version, but with a resistance that is appropriate for kids up through junior high school. When properly and regularly used, these cords will help strengthen a kid’s arm and provide crucial joint integrity, mobility and durability.


1 set of elastic cords + video instructions link

NPA East Hat

Look as official and comfortable as NPA East Area Director Gardy O’Flynn. One size fits all.

Price: $30.00

NPA East Shirt

Lightweight, durable, moisture-wicking, super comfortable. Long Sleeve- Screen Print or Short Sleeve stitched logo on right chest.Sizes S, M, L, XL.

Long Sleeve Price: $28.00 includes shipping

Short Sleeve Price: $28.00 includes shipping 

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