PITCHING FIX/QB LAB SUMMER TIMES:  2024 TUESDAY & THURSDAY EVENINGS & SUNDAY MORNINGS Ipswich, MA, more info or *RESERVE SPOT Run by GARDY O’FLYNN, JAMES BAKER & BRIAN SMITH.   Perfect for all throwing athletes.  Featuring National Pitching Velocity Capacity Training  Programs.  NEW PLAYERS must do initial screen prior to enrolling.  RESERVE SPOT 

Training Options: PLAYER PACKS (Sessions) GROUP:  6 PACK/units – $450

 12 PACK $840
20 PACK/units $1300
 Single Group/unit: $80
Cash, Check, Zelle or Venmo also accepted.  Contact Gardy moc.l1718888192iamg@1718888192xifgn1718888192ihcti1718888192p1718888192  

2 Player Pack Group/units = 1 Individual Lesson


Rolling Admission contact Gardy O’Flynn (moc.l1718888192iamg@1718888192xifgn1718888192ihcti1718888192p1718888192

INDIVIDUAL or other SMALL GROUP options, STAT Combines, H1 (Health 1st) Velocity Programs, or ?’s contact Gardy O’Flynn (moc.l1718888192iamg@1718888192xifgn1718888192ihcti1718888192p1718888192)




5 Tool Performance/ Westwood, MA Summer 24

Tom House Sports Director Gardy O’Flynn will be doing National Pitching & QB ProForm clinics and lessons at 5 tool Performance in Westwood.  RESERVE SPOT HERE!

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INDIVIDUAL/Semi-Private OPTIONS with Gardy (Ipswich)

INDIVIDUAL LESSON OPTIONS:  1st time Initial:  Must do to enter program.  MORE INFO  AVAILABLE TIMES

STANDARD Option 1:  Cost:  $140 (55 minutes) STANDARD

includes exercise, drills plans and initial mechanics video featuring ONform and/or Mustard App. Payments can be made via check, cash, Cash-app, Zelle, Venmo, or online (via PayPal) hit add to cart.

1 Individual Lesson = 2 Group session visits as part of package!

Option 2:  Cost: $400 (2 Hour) S.T.A.T. Testing (Recommended for advanced athletes or far away clients) 

Point in Time Capacity Test. Weak Link Screen  Baseball Skill-Talent Testing/Strength/Conditioning: perfect ALL high school, college, and pro pitchers, QBs of all levels.

(Weak Link)Screening-(Skill Talent)Testing -(Movement)-Assessment-(Cross Specific)Training

  • Screening for Weak Links
  • Testing for Point-in-Time Capacity
  • Assessing for Efficiency of Movement, Strength, and Flexibility
  • Training for Movement, Muscle Balance, Velocity, and Neuro-Muscular Speed Threshoholds

RESERVE SPOT! Ipswich, MA  more info PITCHER or more info QB

Option 3:  RETURN TO THROW PROGRAMMING-  Coach Gardy and his team of orthopedics consult and put together a customized program specific to the individual and their injury.  Initial Visit and Program $250

Option 4:  COLLEGE VIDEO:  Coach Gardy will film continous pitches and monitor with appropriate metrics (PitchLogic).  Video will include Mustard app and or OnForm evaluations and will be on a secure server to send via email or text to as many colleges as you want.  Session and Video $275 


INDIVIDUAL AVAILABLE TIMES! or email/text/call Gardy moc.l1718888192iamg@1718888192xifgn1718888192ihcti1718888192P1718888192 or 978-500-0148 

National QB/Pitching East SCHEDULE or RESERVE SPOT


PITCHING METHODOLOGY: Why Tom House Sports/ National Pitching Association

Before training begins, we use pre-program evaluation tools to determine players’ weaknesses to help them improve their game. This may include slow motion biomechanical analysis, three-dimensional biomechanical analysis, velocity capacity testing, vector management to determine how an athlete transfers energy, and behavioral assessments.  We have certified Tom House Sports coaches in the East view LIST

Our program focuses on the Tom House Sports Pitcher’s Health and Performance Matrix Program, which includes:

  • Biomechanics: Biomechanics focuses on how the laws of physics apply to the human body. In our program, our coaches train rotational athletes how to throw efficiently based on physics. This will include biomechanical variables in the kinematic sequence: Balance, stride length, timing, hip and shoulder separation, glove stabilization, tracking, release. Mechanical inefficiencies limit an athletes potential and increase injury rates.
  • Functional Strength: At National Pitching, we also show players conditioning and strength training techniques specially designed for rotational athletes. Our coaches don’t just show pitchers how to get stronger, they help them improve the strength cross specific to the movements in competition.
  • Nutrition: Many people ask us why we focus on nutrition with athletes. Scientific research shows that nutrition is an important component in reaching athletic potential. We educate players on how to properly fuel their bodies for optimal results so they can progress in the game and maintain life-long healthy habits.
  • Mental Management: At National Pitching, we know that to be successful in baseball, players need to be mentally prepared and emotionally calm. Our coaches teach this skill to athletes so they can gain confidence and perform under the pressure of the game. A positive mindset helps athletes not only perform better, but develop skills over time, which is why we also include mental management in the National Pitching program.

Our advanced baseball instruction program uses proven methods to help players improve. If you’re ready to learn more about the National Pitching methodology and get started in our program, contact Gardy @ moc.l1718888192iamg@1718888192xifgn1718888192ihcti1718888192p1718888192 or 978-500-0148

“You are only as strong as your weakest link and only as efficient as your worst movement” – Tom House

Each athlete receives the same program and instruction, from youth pitchers to Major League players. We’ve designed our program to focus on the unique needs of rotational athletes. Our goal is to provide pitchers with a toolkit to maintain optimal health and performance, on and off the field.

The NPA Pitching Model is:↓

⇓ Institutional Review Board certified

Institutional Review Board certified (the ONLY pitching model in this category!)


⇓ Co-Researched

Co-researched with the University of Southern California School of Medicine & the result of a collaborative effort between:

⇓National Pithing Association (NationalPitching.com)

  • o Titleist Performance Group (myTPI.com)

    o Titleist Golf

    o Qualisys (http://www.qualisys.com)

    o Input from Functional Movement Systems (FunctionalMovement.com) and EXOS (TeamEXOS.com)