Grind Factory NPA Clinics: Salem, MA

November 27, 2018 @ 3:45 pm – March 17, 2019 @ 4:15 pm

NPA East Pitching Development Clinics

The best way to say it is…. the NPA is a program, not a lesson!

If you’re interested in a pitching program based on health, science, and biomechanical studies… you found the right place.   Gardy O’Flynn (NPA Director) and James Baker (NSPT) and the NPA East staff can immediately identify biomechanical, functional strength, and mental/emotional issues, but correcting them takes a “program”, not a “lesson”.  A quality program should include training in biomechanics, functional strength development, mental/emotional management, and proper nutritional guidelines.  Without incorporating them all, you may be neglecting the weakest link in your athlete.

Training programs begin with an initial evaluation that may include a motion analysis, capacity testing, vector analysis, and a mental/emotional behavioral assessment.  It’s important that our students teach us “who they are” and their player signatures, before we can properly teach them.

80% of the training program is “off the mound”, with a focus on arm health and functional strength improvement. Most drills are cross-specific and designed to fix mechanical flaws and condition the athlete.

Programs will be offered on Tuesdays (3:45 pm) and Saturday’s (3 pm).  One hour and fifteen minute sessions. Ages 12+.  Space is limited.  For more info is contact Gardy moc.liamg@ogtsaeAPN Can’t make all sessions during a clinic/no problem:  Price per session Cost $80.

NPA East Pitching Development Clinics (once or twice per week) video analysis will be included if signed up for clinic.

Clinic 1:  November 27th – December 22nd 

ONCE a week: Cost $265


TWICE a week:  Cost $480 

Clinic 2:  January 5th – February 12th

ONCE a week:  Cost $400

TWICE a Week: Cost $720

Clinic 3:  PRESEASON PITCHERS PREP: 3 week. February 26th- March 16th

ONCE a week:  Cost $200

TWICE a Week: Cost $360


Why is the NPA the most trusted source in rotational athlete training?

Gardy OFlynn is the NPA East Area Director:  He was drafted by the Texas Rangers and was coached by Tom House and has 25 year relationship that has evolved into a collaboration focusing on pitching and QB development.

* The NPA is the only training program that is IRB (Institutional Review Board) Certified.

* 50+ years of evolving health first information and instruction

* 733 MLB pitchers, 71 NFL QB’s, 1505 PGA/LPGA Golfers

* The NPA is the only pitching organization that all methods are 100% scientifically tested and defendable.

* NPA East does its own 3D analysis at Boston Children’s Hospitals (Micheli Center).

Why are we the best choice for Long Term Adaptive Learning?

* We master the information, re-learning every day with new studies

* We master instruction techniques based on our scientific studies

* We mentor our athletes in and out of training

* We make a difference in their life, on and off the field

What is the importance of working with NPA East?

* We teach all levels of the NPA Pitcher’s Health and Performance Matrix Platform:  Biomechanics, Functional Strength, Nutrition, and Mental/Emotional Management