TO SET UP A QB EVALUATION OR LESSON WITH GARDY HERE contact him at moc.l1718881363iamg@1718881363BQlan1718881363oitaN1718881363 or 978-500-0148

National QB Founder Gardy O’Flynn (MS, MA) is the throwing specialist east director for Tom Sports LLC and for Mastrole QB Academy.  Gardy, based in Ipswich, MA has trained several NFL QB’s and creates throwing programs for all levels in person and remote.  Tom House Sports has trained over 50 NFL quarterbacks.   

Do you want to improve accuracy, throw deeper with less effort?  are you not sure if your mechanics are any good and are you looking to get to the next level?  WE HAVE THE ANSWERS

National QB consists of former professional athletes, doctors, athletic trainers, physical therapists, 3D -bio-mechanics specialists who bring cutting edge science and mental training to the forefront of quarterback development from youth through the professional levels.

We offer 3D motion analysis and create throwing programs for all our QB’s.  The ultimate training ground to ELEVATE YOUR GAME.

SCHEDULE (55 minute lessons $120)

Specialty Extended Time Packages* Includes STAT Lite Combine Testing

(4) Lessons (90 minutes) – $ 660 ($165 per lesson)

(8) Lessons (90 minutes) – $1200 ($150 per lesson)

* add $30 if you want me to provide receiver, will travel (additional cost TBD), contact Gardy for packages moc.l1718881363iamg@1718881363BQlan1718881363oitan1718881363 978-500-0148


NATIONAL QB / MASTROLE QB TD Program- Throwing Development (Health, Speed, Accuracy)

Gardy O’Flynn MS, MA has developed through years or research, overseen by Sports Medicine North, a QB Throwing Development program.  The training kit comes with 3 training bands, 3 training balls and a plan based on your current functional and mechanical efficiencies.  It has shown to produce better mechanics and a healthier, stronger more accurate arm.  Contact Gardy for more info moc.l1718881363iamg@1718881363BQlan1718881363oitaN1718881363 or 978-500-0148