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Initial Screen/Individual Lesson- NPA East Gardy OFlynn

January 30 - May 30


Done by NPA East Area Director Gardy O’Flynn with medical consulting from Dr. Hugh O’Flynn.

The initial screen must be completed before joining any NPA East training session. Please contact Gardy at 978-500-0148 or moc.l1537728525iamg@1537728525OGtsa1537728525eapn1537728525.  INDIVIDUAL lessons are done at various times and locations on the North Shore.  Contact GARDY to set one up! Cost:  $120 (1 HOUR)

What we do? S.T.A.T. Testing Weak Link Screen  Baseball Skill-Talent Testing/Strength/Conditioning

(Weak Link)Screening-(Skill Talent)Testing -(Movement)-Assessment-(Cross Specific)Training

  • Strength test of sub scapular muscle groups (posterior) that protect shoulder capsules and bicep/triceps that protect the elbow muscle and tendon groups
  • Exercises designed for joint integrity strength while maintaining flexibility
  • Functional drills that used science based research to teach an efficient pitch delivery
  • Isometric exercises that incorporate body weight resistance to strengthen joints
  • Light weight training to use 3 motions that relate to primary pitches, fastball, breaking ball and off speed

We will also go over throwing progressions and film motion using our high speed cameras at 300-1200fps (frames per second)

What separates NPA East? Only Certified coaches through NPA (National Pitching Association) can conduct this training. CURRENT  NPA EAST COACHES

Player’s Bill of Rights

  1. Players have the right to objective, offered science-based information and instruction.
  2. Players have the right to authentic, unconditional coaching.
  3. Players have the right to a positive sports/life skills learning exp
  4. Players have the right to health first preparation, competition, and recover
  5. Players have the right to have fun.

Baseball is a game of failure coached by negative people in a misinformation environment. The baseball landscape is fractured because there is a systematic disconnect between all of the game’s “experts”

Who are our experts……

  1. On the field , academy, a.a.u., personal skill coaches
  2. Physical therapists, athletic trainers, conditioning coaches
  3. , exercise physiologists, kinesiologists
  4. Sports medicine doctors

Our On-the-Field, Academy, AAU and/or Personal Skill Coaches Create Issues By:

  1. Instructing with good intentions and bad information (i. opinion-based conventional wisdoms, not science- based research)

i.e., Stay tall, stay back, don’t rush, push of the rubber

Right hander’s right side of rubber, left hander’s left side of rubber to create angle

Shorten stride, get on top to create depth

Don’t stride across your body, don’t stride open, stride straight Don’t land on your heel

Pull glove to chest

  1. Making themselves look good by pointing out how bad their peer group is
  2. Not speaking or understanding the exercise science/sports medicine vocabulary.

CONTACT NPA East Area Director AT moc.1537728525liamg1537728525@OGts1537728525aeapn1537728525  or call Gardy O’Flynn at 978-500-0148

COST: $120.

or check made out to Pitching Fix/NPA or cash.


January 30
May 30


Gardy O’Flynn