INITIAL SCREEN BELOW! For 1st Time Clients!

Standard Initial Screen, Point in Time Velocity Report, RTT (Return to Throw) program

New Clients: Initial Screen options below! 

NEW CLIENTS: Initial Screen Options: Option #1 Standard Screen, Option #2 P.I.T.V.C Screen or Option #3 R.T.T Screen

Standard Initial Screen:  Initial Screen Report: 50 minute Initial Eval $120 includes video  

  includes high speed video mechanics analysis, shoulder screen,  two knee velocity testing and joint integrity workouts.

We will use a high speed camera, to provide an accurate slow motion analysis of the athlete.  High speed cameras allow us to identify and measure the timing of an athlete’s kinematic sequence than can’t be seen by the human eye.  The analysis will clearly define between player signatures and biomechanical variables.  Knowing the difference is the key!  Player signatures are inherent and specific to an athlete. Biomechanics are the laws of physics applied to the human body, so they are constant and scientifically defendable for all rotational athlete movements.  Optimizing the efficiency of the key biomechanical variables provides optimal health and performance.  We may will also use diamond kinetics baseball to track efficiency in spin rate/direction and velocity.  Pitchers must fill out PLAYER HISTORY FORM and then schedule time by contacting Gardy directly.

Contact Gardy (Director) atmoc.l1614752436iamg@1614752436xifgn1614752436ihcti1614752436p 1614752436 or 978-500-0148

Point in Time Velocity Capacity Testing

Option #2 Capacity Testing: $250

1hr 50 minute INDIVIDUAL Includes all of Standard option #1 screen + Our point in time velocity capacity evaluation.  All pitchers & position players want to throw correctly and hard. But few understand how to get there, and how to do it safely. That’s where Gardy can help you, with the most advanced pitching research and coaching science in the world!  Would you like to know how hard you are supposed to be able to safely throw today (based on your current mechanical efficiency, functional strength, and other factors)? In other words, what is your current safe speed limit? With a specialized series of NPA-researched and validated tests, screens, and assessments we can tell you! Then… We’ll compare your current safe speed limit with how hard you are actually throwing today. Most pitchers are throwing with less velocity than they are capable of. Why is that?   Now, here’s the best part… We can tell you why! We can tell you exactly what is keeping you from your safe velocity capacity, and we can give you a unique and personalized velocity training prescription to help you make up the difference! You will be throwing harder, better, and safer! And then you can build from there!  Following your assessment and prescription, you’re primed to immerse yourself in the NPA’s comprehensive training program with focus on bio-mechanics, functional strength, nutrition/recovery/sleep, and mental/emotional management – the complete package.  Pitchers must fill out PLAYER HISTORY and can schedule HERE, or contact 

Contact Gardy (Director) atmoc.l1614752436iamg@1614752436xifgn1614752436ihcti16147524361614752436 or 978-500-0148                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

R.T.T. Return to Throwing Screen & Program

R.T.T. Screen & Program:  Option #3 $200 

1 hour 15 minutes

Specifically, for athletes coming off injury or need a throwing mechanics rewiring we offer a personalized R.T.T. program based on their initial evaluation.  Gardy works directly with the Chief of Orthopedics at Sports Medicine North and is a throwing specialist for the 3D Lab @ Micheli Center (Boston Children’s Hospital).  Athletes will possibly receive a Vector Analysis in this screen: Vector management from an athlete’s motion analysis helps us measure and evaluate how a player transfers energy using weight and direction. Poor energy vectors can put undue stress on the body and shoulder joint, which can lead to injury and low performance. With National Pitching’s proprietary vector analysis, we find inefficiencies so we can address them in training.  Pitchers must fill out PLAYER HISTORY and can schedule HERE or contact Gardy @ moc.l1614752436iamg@1614752436OGtsa1614752436Egnih1614752436ctiPn1614752436oitaN1614752436 

Contact Gardy (Director) atmoc.l1614752436iamg@1614752436xifgn1614752436ihcti1614752436p Â1614752436 or 978-500-0148