3D Motion Analysis Pitcher & QB/ High Speed Video-College/Drone Video

Micheli Center- Waltham  3D Motion Analysis  SCHEDULE AVAILABLE DATES– Contact Gardy OFlynn



Each player will receive:

  • 3D Motion Performance Capture & report put together by the MIcheli Center- 90 minute Hour Visit
  • PLUS- Personalized drills on the field and off (sent via server) to address your weak links and mechanical inefficiencies – Gardy OFlynn (Pitcher/QB) 3D Motion Analysis
  • Injury prevention Tips
  • Customized training program to strengthen weak links, including arm and torso speed training!
  • Special local Hotel Package for out of town athletes

BASIC PACKAGE:  Done through Micheli Center Staff, with analysis from Tom Landry (NPA East Coach).  Gardy O’Flynn will not be present at the evaluation and won’t provide the added services above.  Still an excellent option.