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Pitching Coaches Of Year QI9I0798 (2)NPA EAST, led by Gardy O’Flynn (middle) (2018 ABCA Teaching Professional of the Year) is focused to develop overhand rotational athletes (pitchers, position players, QB’s, Softball,  javelin throwers, tennis/volleyball serving/attacking) using the research and science-based protocols of the National Pitching Association led by Tom House Sports Performance.

SUMMER SCHEDULE BELOW! Clinics/Camps/ Lessons led by NPA EAST Area Director Gardy O’Flynn

FALL THROWING TRAINING CLINICS/CAMPS:  Perfect for ALL OVERHAND ATHLETES:  Baseball (Pitchers/position players) & Softball, QB’s, Tennis/ Volleyball Serving/Attacking CONTACT GARDY


IPSWICH,MA –  Wednesday @ 7:30 PM (9/25) & Saturday @ 9 AM (9/28)  More INFO 

Tom House Sports/NPA East CAMPS (Throwing Pitcher/QB)

FOXBORO, MA Dec. 14-15 Bubble @ Patriot Place MORE INFO

LESSONS with Gardy


Throw Harder- Faster- Healthier AND MORE ACCURATE 

Contact: AREA DIRECTOR: Gardy O’Flynn: NPA8410-1569232189005-8156923218979 ro1569232189 moc.1569232189liamg1569232189@OGts1569232189ae1569232189

Attend one of our NPA East Pitching Clinics or have NPA East come to you!

The National Pitching Association’s unique approach has helped many pitchers – including top MLB players – improve their skills, reduce arm injuries and stay in the game longer. Individual Attention in Small Group Setting.  Balancing the physical and mental demands of being a pitcher is the hardest part of playing this position. We work closely with all athletes we coach, by working on your unique strengths and help take you to the next level.  Contact Gardy

QB ProForm Training: Workout and learn from Gardy & Ken (Mastrole QB) who are affiliated with the top orthopedic groups!

Our ultimate objective is to help you develop your skills to the greatest degree possible. Our aim is to help you achieve the best results possible and deepen your passion for the QB position in a challenging yet fun environment.

“I’ve been fortunate to work with Gardy for several  years.  We have worked together with top high school, college and NFL Quarterbacks.  He has completely changed the way I view QB mechanics and efficiency. Sports Illustrated recently covered the training we do with aspiring NFL QB’s.  Together at QB ProForm we are able to offer aspiring QB’s the complete package of proper training and education necessary to be successful at the next level, whatever that might be.”  Ken Mastrole (Mastrole QB)

NPA EAST:  Coaches

The NPA East Associate Coaching Staff is composed of highly trained and experienced coaches in the EAST, instructors and medical personnel who are second to none. Our understanding of bio-mechanics and what it takes to help pitchers throw more efficiently, more accurately, with more velocity AND stay healthy is all based in scientific fact and defended by the medical community.

NPA EAST AREA:  Consists of New England States (MA, ME, VT, NH, RI, CT) New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Ontario. Interested in being an NPA East Associate Coach:  Contact Gardy O’Flynn @ moc.l1569232189iamg@1569232189OGtsa1569232189eAPN1569232189 or call 978-500-0148.

We are partnered with Boston Children’s Hospital Sports Medicine and The Micheli Center for Injury Prevention in Sports as well as Sports Medicine North Orthopedic group and Physical Therapy Groups.