NPA East & National QB

Led by Tom House Sports/ NPA East Director Gardy O’Flynn MS, MA:  Based in Ipswich, Mass.  Founder of Pitching Fix & National QB Pro Form

“Gardy gets it, we have worked big camps together all over the East Coast.  He has learned to collaborate within the QB industry and works extremely well with the NFL elite as well as the aspiring high school QB.  I highly recommend Gardy,  he will improve your game, period!”

Tom House

Throwing specialist for over 20 NFL QB's including Brady and Brees, Tom House Sports LLC, 3D QB

“I’ve been fortunate to work with Gardy for several  years.  We have worked together with top high school, college and NFL Quarterbacks.  He has completely changed the way I view QB mechanics and efficiency. Sports Illustrated recently covered the training we do with aspiring NFL QB’s.  Together at National QB we are able to offer aspiring QB’s the complete package of proper training and education necessary to be successful at the next level, whatever that might be.”  

Ken Mastrole

Mastrole QB Director Founder, Mastrole QB/National QB Southeast Director